Product Feed Specification

Brä can obtain your product information in two ways: Using our crawler, or via a product feed. Our crawler is the easiest to get started with, but if your store has more than 1000 products, or you change your website design often, the product feed is the best solution. With a product feed we can obtain your product catalog directly from your store software, even when you change the layout of your store website. Since the product feed is also faster, we can update the information more often, while our crawler only updates a few times each day.

Most store softwares have product feeds as part of their standard package. Look for "product feed", "Google Shopping" integration or something similiar. The end result should be an URL directly to your product feed, and this is the URL you will need to provide to us.

In the case where your store is custom build, your developers should be able to build a product feed using the following information.

A product feed for Brä can be in either CSV, XML or JSON format. For each product in the store, the following fields should be present:

The more of the optional fields you include, the faster and more precise new items will appear in our listings. If you offer second-hand or damaged products, please include these as two different products in the product feed.

Here is an example of a few lines of a CSV product feed:

"4","Agricola","","","in stock","429.95","DKK","6430018273938","2011","da se", "new"

If you have any questions about setting up the product feed, do not hesitate to Contact us.

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